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First Post

To be honest, I have no idea why I started this blog. It was just an idea to start writing and as I write down these words, I still don’t know what I want to write about. There are many things I could talk about. I could write poetry, short stories, novels, informational articles, opinion based columns, and everything else in between. I could write historical fiction, non-fiction biographies, fantasy, science-fiction, or a diary of my life. I don’t think I have a lack of what to write about, rather, there is so much I could write about that it is hard to choose just one thing.

Writing down the first idea is the hardest. It sets the scene for what you plan to write and what people expect you to write. If you write on a topic you hate, say for example, rocks, you are not going to go very far with that topic. It will just sit there as you look up facts on rocks and slowly (or quickly if you really hate rocks) bore yourself to the point of desperation to pick another topic. Now, if you take a passion, a passion like a certain style of writing or a certain time in history and you run with that, your possibilities only end where you let them. I am not saying that the possibilities of writing are only limited to passions. You can still write about rocks even if they bore you to tears or even something that remotely interests you like the history of the names of constellations. The possibilities end with you and how far you are willing to take them.

I guess the point to this short ramble is that you can write on anything like I just have written on writing. There is no limit to the possibilities of where your words can take you. I surely did not expect myself here. But there is a point to this short ramble. It doesn’t matter what the topic is that you write on. The possibilities end with you.