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Find me in December

I have gone missing for some time now

and you can not find me.

Sure, I am here physically

but my attention is beyond you and me.


Many have tried to find me.

They all will fail.

Why are you so persistent?

You won’t prevail.


Perhaps I’ll give you a hint,

since you have tried so hard.

I hide within a month,

you may receive a type of card.


Find me in that place,

perhaps I can return.

Till then, please,

Let the fires burn.


Do find me in December,

where mind forever resides.

Find me in a good old fashioned time

where my happiness hides.


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Where I find Myself

I go past the halls of students long uncared for,

far beyond the rotting wooden school,

beyond my despairing world around me,

I find myself next to you.


It hasn’t happened once or twice.

It doesn’t happen by chance.

Around you my mind is set free.

Around you my thoughts dance.


How intolerable everyone else is.

They call me terrible things for my interest in you.

“You nerd.” They call me from outside the building.

I don’t deny it. It is quite true.


Until they reach their senses,

I shall waste my days away at ease.

A library of good books never hurt anyone.

Well, unless you don’t count for the trees.